Our Story

This is me - Angelina - founder and Director of The Matcha Tea Company.

Angelina Portrait

I discovered Matcha by accident, a happy accident that happened years ago (23 to be precise) when I visited Japan and was invited to a Green Tea Ceremony. I remember watching our hostess pay the closest attention to the finest detail of everything she did, taking time to do things precisely the right way and in the right order and thought

'It all looks so beautiful, exact, intricate and kind of an excruciating long wait for a cup of tea'

Matcha Green Tea Ceremony

Fast forward 22 years..

I'm in the office, and a co-worker asks if I'd like to try 'Matcha'. I'd no idea it was Matcha I'd drunk all those years ago but when I tasted it the memories came flooding back..."I've had this before!" 

Weeks later I was drinking Matcha on a daily basis, not because I'm a health nut but because of the type of energy it gave me, a calm, centered, ready-to-go feeling that no other hot drink has ever come near.

Matcha with milk

Fast forward another year to 2016 and I decided to make the leap to sourcing and selling my own Matcha and 'The Matcha Tea Company' was born from a laptop in my living room late one night after work. 

Passionate about introducing Matcha to as many people as I possibly can I racked my brains to come up with a way to help people overcome that initial 'but what if I don't like it' seed of doubt. After all, quality Matcha is fairly costly.

lightbulb moment

The light bulb moment 

came when I realised that to take away that fear, our company needed to offer a 'No Quibble' guarantee... Try our Matcha and we're confident you'll love it just as much as we do, but if for any reason you don't we'll give you 100% of your money back. And now that iron-clad guarantee has become our USP, our identifier if you like, we're different because we went out on a limb and took away the only reason 'why not' to try it.

Why not try Matcha

Keeping It Personal

Even as we grow I want The Matcha Tea Company to keep it personal, that's why transparency and honesty are how we roll. I'll always keep talking to fans and customers, after all, they're the ones who'll shape our future, I'll just listen...over a cup of Matcha.